5 Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in Private School in Ghaziabad

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As a parent, it’s understandable that you want your children to succeed in life. This begins with enrolling them in the right school environment. There are many factors that go into a positive education experience. Let’s see how a private school in Ghaziabad comes in picture.

Private schools have a definite edge over public schools mostly because there’s a lot more at stake for private entities to keep their reputation in check. They work hard to help their kids get good grades. Students also learn basic etiquettes and ways of socialization. Every child gets adequate attention and can easily seek help from the teachers.

Let’s see some reasons why parents choose to give their children the premium experience of a private school and why it’s worth the financial investment.

Private Schools Have Smaller Class Size

private school in ghaziabad-Smaller Class Size

Smaller Class Size

A private school offers a better teacher student ratio, smaller class sizes, personal attention, and a better understanding of how each student prefers to learn. This lets the teacher take time and customize lessons to teach in a more personal way.

Often, public schools are filled to capacity. The number of students far outnumber the teacher. Most children need as well as crave attention from their teacher and peers. Whether the students seek attention by chasing better grades or through mischievous acts, children need positive affirmation and special attention to thrive.

Dedicated and Well-Trained Faculty

This is the biggest benefit of private schools. All the teachers are well educated and hold teaching degrees and diplomas. Being treated well by the management staff, the teachers reciprocate the kindness to the students.

The teachers of some of the best schools in Ghaziabad- like Vidya Bharati School- have great communication skills. This ensures that the students are spoken to in a polite way and students also learn in a relaxed environment.


In a private school like Vidya Bharati School, students often receive latest laptops or tablets for their personal use in computer labs. Internet service is fast and reliable, and a technology support department promptly fixes problems with service and equipment as they arise.

private school in ghaziabad-Technology

Computer Labs

At Vidya Bharati School, the additional use of audio-visual aids in teaching leaves an ineradicable mark on students’ minds and learning becomes more effective as seeing is believing.

To leave students with an everlasting impact on their memory, each classroom of our school is equipped with smart board to help students learn every notion in the best possible way. Well- planned modules, worksheets and exercises prearranged in the smart board provide an effective learning atmosphere for the students.

World Class Facilities

Private schools will have large, modern sports grounds, science labs, computer rooms, art studios, classrooms, and all the other complex facilities that make up a fine school.

For example, at Vidya Bharati School, all classrooms are centrally air-conditioned to constantly maintain the most optimal temperature and ambiance for learning. All our learning rooms are theme-based, designed in line with the “Theory of Multiple Intelligence”.

Our rooms are designed to make sure that each type of intelligence is being catered to.

Private School Students Are More Confident

Thanks to the equal opportunities that the students receive in private schools, the kids end up getting a big boost in confidence and self-esteem. Students from private schools can take an active part in debate competitions and extra-curricular activities. Their communication skills are highly developed, and they are quite expressive because of the nice environment of private schools.

Students of private schools are always encouraged by their teachers whenever they come up with innovative ideas or participate in classroom activities, therefore; they have high self-esteem and are quite confident.

Award Winning Private School in Ghaziabad

Our use of interactive teaching aids, and smart classrooms was lauded at the recently concluded Times School Survey, 2019. It was a moment of great pride for all of us. The consistent and diligent efforts by our teachers, students, and management staff bore fruit and resulted into this glorious outcome. As a result, we were honored with the award of Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad.

If you are second guessing your choice of joining us, feel free to request more information. You can also schedule a tour of our school to see how a private school in Ghaziabad can benefit your child.


The admission process for the session 2020-21 is now underway at Vidya Bharati School. We are taking in admissions for students ranging from Pre-Nursery to Grade XI.

If you’d like to inquire about our admission procedure and want to know how your kid can become a future global leader, get in touch with us.

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