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State of The Art Infrastructure That Makes Us Top School of Ghaziabad

We believe the biggest responsibility of any school is to provide an environment that nurtures and encourages a learning mindset.

Our award winning campus infrastructure helped established us as the top school of Ghaziabad in the recently concluded Times School Survey. Our campus is designed to always propel our kids to unlock their potential by offering them a premium learning experience.

  • Digital Classrooms
  • Digital Connect
  • 4.2 Acres sprawling campus
  • e- Library
  • High tech Computer Lab
  • Standardized Science Laboratories – Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology
  • Science & Technology Park
  • Math Lab
  • English Language Lab
  • Art Workstation
  • Dance and Music Studio
  • Kids Zone
  • Well equipped Infirmary
  • Safe School Transport to Ply students
  • Online SMS facility
  • Close monitoring through latest CCTVs (24×7)

The school takes pride to be the first and foremost in the Delhi/NCR region for the successful conceptualization and implementation of its science park that showers our future Einsteins with opportunities to explore, innovate, invent by being in the close proximity of nature.

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Kidz Zone is a well equipped, specially designed play area for the development of fine and gross motor skills along with eye-hand coordination in children as playing with peers helps in the holistic growth of our pre-primary and primary energy bubbles.

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The school has an art room that buzzes with creativity. It infuses creativity in young minds and hearts. Here students are taught sketching, colouring, painting, paper art, clay modelling, pottery and sculpture making. Besides the day to day activities that take place within the classroom, little creative hands add various hues along-with beautiful innocent smiles.

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The library has around 10,000 books on different subjects that are taught at school level and these all books are e- books as well. For an all round development of the child the school also subscribes to different competitive books like dailies, journals, magazines, newsletters and a large number of CDs besides that the school also boasts of having around 3000 reference books including encyclopedias, dictionaries, feel and touch books,3D books and Cartoon books especially for the nursery students. A child or the teacher can get the track of the books available in the library through Online Public Excess Catalogue.
The school library is

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Engaging toddlers in a playful, interactive manner accelerates learning and encourages social interactions. Our Nursery Wings are the most adorable and most laughter filled section of the campus. They are well equipped, specially designed play area for the development of fine and gross motor skills along with eye-hand coordination in little kids.

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The Biology lab is very spacious, ventilated and well-equipped with different models of various systems. There is wide collection of specimens of different plants and animals in the lab. It is well stocked with sufficient apparatus for 30 students to work together at a time.

We have well-maintained botanical garden (having pteridophytes, gymnosperms and good collection of angiosperms) to give first hand experience to our students.

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The laboratory is spacious and well ventilated. Lab is equipped with all the instruments and gadgets which help the students learn the concept of Physics in a simplified manner, thus making the subject more interesting. Teaching aids like charts and models are adequately displayed.

The Lab contains sophisticated instruments like optic kit, projector and projects on optics etc. It is well stocked with sufficient apparatus for 35 students to work together at a time.

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The Chemistry Lab is well equipped and proves to be a platform for inquisitive minds. It is spacious and well ventilated and is well- stocked with all required chemicals to provide practical learning environment to the students. The lab is equipped with all requisite tools, gadgets and instruments for conducting practical. Ample precaution is taken regarding safety of students while performing practical. Hands on training is key to erudite the complexities of chemical bonding.

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Two Computer Labs have the latest Pentium ­based multimedia machines for providing hand on experience to students from Nursery to Class XII. There are over 50 computers to help students to learn computers with hand on experience. Computer Aided Learning (CAL) packages are specially designed to make learning more interesting and this leaves an indelible impression on the student’s mind. The Internet facility enables the students to draw the latest information from Computer networks all over the world.

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To attain command over languages taught in the school, Vidya Bharati has the latest designed language lab which intends to help the students to learn English, Hindi and French with proficiency to communicate effectively. A laboratory for language learning is something new to Indian students to enrich their language learning experience. The language laboratory in the school can accommodate up to forty students and is well equipped with all the electronic devices to facilitate learning and to motivate the students to acquire all the skills of the language quickly and easily. It provides a facility which allows the students to listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same, listen to their performance and do self-assessment.

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The mathematics laboratory provides an outside the classroom activity where experiment or an observation is performed by an individual or a group of students. In the Math lab children can check and verify the validity of concept through activities. It encourages students to discuss, think and assimilate the concepts in a better way through group learning. The school aims to make Math more interesting by engaging the students in various lab activities. The Math lab is well equipped with basic models to verify the concepts in algebra and geometry and formulae in Math. In Math lab the students discover various concepts and facts and find alternative methods. Teachers encourage the students to work together as a joint investigating team and solve problems.

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The school boasts of a well-equipped and suitable medical room, where student’s physical well-being is taken care of. A qualified nurse attends to the needs of the children. Annual medical check-ups & dental check-ups are undertaken. Parents are also informed about their ward’s health and physical well-being. Free Medical Insurance for all the students is provided by the school.

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Physical activity has always been an integral part of the curriculum of Vidya Bharati. The skills and techniques of different games are taught to the learners.

Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Kho Kho & Judo are the outdoor games which are played under the guidance of PETs. Cricket and Lawn Tennis coaching is provided by the renowned professional coaches. Regular meets are organized to display the excellence in different sporting events.

Table Tennis, Carrom, Gymnastics and Chess are the games available as indoor sporting events in the school’s sports room.
Yoga is practiced for imparting physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Proportionate emphasis is laid on the physical growth along with academic progress, emotional maturity and social well being of the students.

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Vidya Bharati School realizes the importance of Music and Dance for holistic development of students and hence provides ample opportunity and exposure to the students to get a feel of their own potential. The Music and Dance room is a nurturing ground where Music and Dance skills are developed. The school has dedicated and skilled Music and Dance faculty to help students to develop dancing and Music skills. They prepare students for various inter and intra school competitions, cultural programmes, dance performances and skits.

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We shouldn’t teach great books; we should teach a love of reading. Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generation and nations.

The school library is a vast reservoir of books which aims at the growth of the individual and develops self esteem in them. To develop reading habits in students and staff, the school library has a well framed policy of issuing sufficient number of books to the students and staff on demand.

The scale of the school library can be gauged through the sheer number of books available, nearly 10,000. The library also subscribes to dailies, journals, magazines, newsletters and a large number of CDs, which bring the world closer to the young readers and teachers.

Several good reference books such as Oxford Advanced Learners Encyclopedia, Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, The Dorling Kindersley History of the world, Illustrated Factopedia, Visual Encyclopedia are stocked.

Fifteen standard magazines like India Today, Competition Success Review, Junior Science Refresher etc for senior students and Champak, Nandan, Suman Saurabh, Chandamama, etc for stocked for junior students. Regular book reviews are also presented by the staff members.

Our school library is growing and we are trying to provide the best reading material to our students and staff as well. The School library remains open during summer vacation for the students and staff.

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Use of audio-visual aid in teaching leaves an ineradicable mark on students’ mind and learning becomes more effective as seeing is believing. To leave students with everlasting impact on their memory, each classroom of our school is equipped with smart board to help students learn every notion in the best possible way. Well- planned modules, worksheets and exercises prearranged in the smart board provide an effective learning atmosphere for the students.

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Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad Award

Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad

We take immense pleasure to announce that our school has been declared as one of The Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad zone by the recently concluded Times School Survey, 2019.

This is a great moment of pride for all of us. The consistent and diligent efforts by our teachers, students, and management staff bore fruit and resulted into this glorious outcome.

Times School Survey is one of the most prestigious and extensive surveys that determines the top schools in Delhi NCR.

ADMISSIONS AT Vidya Bharati School For 2021-22

Vidya Bharati School’s admission process for the session 2021-22 is now underway. We are taking in admissions for students ranging from Pre-Nursery to Grade XI.

If you wish to see your child become a mindful citizen and a future global leader, get in touch with us for our admission process.