1:20 Student Teacher Ratio – A Metric to Identify Progressive Schools

Student Teacher Ratio - Vidya Bharati School

Student Teacher ratio is the number of students who attend a school divided by the number of teachers in the institution. A student teacher ratio of 20:1 indicates that there are only 20 students for every one teacher.

So decidedly, the lower this ratio, the better the quality of education.

One can pretty much guarantee that a single teacher will do a much better job of giving personal attention to 20 kids, than, let’s say a hundred.

Unfortunately, India’s student teacher ratio is one of the lowest among other developing countries, according to a government report. We lag behind Brazil, China and every North American and European nation.

How does student teacher ratio affect education?

Many factors come into play in determining the quality of your child’s education, but one thing that many schools overlook is the student teacher ratio.

A high student teacher ratio results in overburdening a small group of teachers. It also adversely affects the quality of responsibilities taken up by them.

It divides the attention of the teacher. Consequently, it affects the personal attention that each student gets. Apart from this simplistic effect, in any institution of learning, a smaller number of overburdened teachers will always find it challenging to encourage their students to keep a learning mindset.

Personal Attention Ensures Quality Education

Student Teacher Ratio - Personal Attention

Less the students, more is the attention

Observation and attention are two of the most important aspects of teaching. When a teacher has fewer students to attend, minute details can be quickly picked up on. As a result, the students have higher success rates.

Numerous studies have shown that lower student teacher ratios are better for teaching students fundamental subjects such as Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, than those with a higher ratio of students to teachers. Understandably, the schools with lower student teacher ratios are more exclusive.

Student Teacher ratios in the west

Over the past few decades, the structure of education systems around the Western world has changed dramatically. There’s been a great deal of reform in school initiatives and educational strategies.

In countries like the United States of America and Sweden, there has been a push toward decreasing student teacher ratios across the board in the hopes of improving the academic performance of school-age children. European countries in particular, have taken the fastest strides towards improving their teaching methods.

For instance, almost every adult in the European countries like Poland, Iceland, Luxembourg is literate, as the countries have more than 99.8% literacy rate. What do all these countries primary schools have in common?

There student teacher ratio stands at an incredible 10:1, whereas most Indian primary schools have a ratio of 40:1!

These countries thus has a very well developed education system, and one wherein every child in primary school receives proper attention and encouragement.

Student Teacher Ratio at Vidya Bharati School

Student Teacher Ratio - At Vidya Bharati School

We have 1:20 Student Teacher Ratio

Right from the beginning, the founding members of our school had decided to keep class sizes small. They knew how a warm and cozy environment helps stimulate a child’s desire to learn.

We’ve been carrying forward this vision since July 23, 1983. For more than 26 years, we have not wavered from that commitment.

Hence, even today, we have more than 90 well-trained teachers to take care of our 1750 students. That’s a student teacher ratio of less than 20:1

ADMISSIONS AT Vidya Bharati School For 2020-21

Vidya Bharati School’s admission process for the session 2020-21 is now underway. We are taking in admissions for students ranging from Pre-Nursery to Grade XI.

If you wish to see your child become a mindful citizen and a future global leader, get in touch with us for our admission process.

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