VEP Winters Pre Nursery 2020-2021VEP Winters Nursery 2020-2021VEP Winters KG 2020-2021VEP Winters Grade-I 2020-21Grade II Winter VEP 2020-21Grade II Winter VEP Hindi 20-21Grade III Winter VEP 2020-21Grade III Winter VEP Hindi 20-21Grade IV Winter VEP 2020-21GRADE IV Hindi VEP winter 20-21Grade V Winter VEP 2020-21Grade 
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Fit India Week Celebration 2020
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A virtual Teacher’s Day Celebration in Vidya Bharati School, Ghaziabad during covid 19 Pandemic 2020. Link to Facebook Live Teachers Day Celebration
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View all certificates here:
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Date Sheet (IV to VIII)CLASS TEST SCHEDULE (IV TO VIII)Class Test Periodic Test 1 Date Sheet IX-XClass Test & Date Sheet Schedule XI & XII
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