• The quote which states blessings in disguise proved to be true as the time passes we realise the greatest hidden benefit of COVID -19 is that we learnt to spend quality time with our family members and share their responsibilities too. Our primary students are doing the same by helping their siblings and parents at home during the lockdown.
  • Vidya Bharati welcomes you to a month of enjoyment and skill-building at the Sunny Smiles Virtual Summer Camp. The camp offers all our students a chance to have fun-filled learning experiences. So start gearing up! Fun activities for Pre-Primary students include: Speech Weavers Gym Beasts Shimmy Shakers Karaoke Club Kiddy Crafts
  • Eid al-Fitr, also called the "Festival of Breaking Fast" marks the end of Ramadan- the Islamic holy month of fasting. On this pious day, let's pray for the alleviation of this time of struggle and prepare to embrace a new world once this crisis settles.
  • Our little Vidyabharatians are filling up the lacuna which is caused due to Covid-19 by inspiring everyone to follow a healthy regime to maintain a state of equilibrium and at the same time getting the greatest hidden benefit of the king of asana -Surya #stayhome #staysafe
  • Excited to announce the Free Virtual Summer Camp, exclusively for Vidya Bharati students. The camp will be filled with creative activities to keep our students engaged and active.
  • #PositiveParenting tips from Vidya Bharati School Separate the deed from the doer.
  • Eid is a scared celebration which promises charity, kindness, harmony and brotherhood. On this pious festival, our versed Vidyabharatian who is attuned to Covid pandemic is making an appeal to the citizens to take a few precautions while celebrating Eid in 2020.
  • As you start settling back into your regular routine, remember to stay 6 feet away from people at all times!

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