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Holistic Education-education

“Success favours the well-groomed.”

This phrase has been at the center of our vision to provide a holistic education.

Creating and supporting 21st century learners takes precise planning, dedicated perseverance, vision, strategy, and execution. We are proud to be a diverse, student-centered, socially engaged school offering a high-value education. We know that we transform and change lives and that our students succeed as they are among the best.

Why is holistic education a part of our values?

Holistic Education-social responsibilityWe firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision-making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a life-long process. The school is committed to inculcate in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders that lead to numerous and wide-ranging interests, coupled with energy, compassion, a love of learning and commitment to service.

VBS alumni are scholars, athletes, artists, musicians, scientists, poets, and actors who are being challenged to expand their horizons and to set their own goals and dreams. The unique pedagogy backed up with meticulously laid State-of-the-Art infrastructure brings excellence in learning, training and placements. Our students are groomed to think out of the box and engulf articulation, innovation and teamwork. Curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking are inspired every day through our various curricular offerings.

The role of education

A pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a child into a healthy mind and happy soul. The system of education should work as a catalyst in making each child a balanced human being having his core strengths embedded in the learning experiences emanating from our rich socio- cultural roots.

Holistic Education-role of education

Keeping this in mind, Vidya Bharati School is committed to provide quality education, engaging students in multifarious activities for their holistic development and exposing them to learning beyond books.

Each decision and action of the School’s Governing Body is taken to meet and fulfill these beliefs.

Our values

  1. To embark on a journey of education by giving qualitative education through learning by doing and exploration.
  2. To imbibe strong Indian cultural and moral values in students.
  3. To develop student centered attitude with core values.
  4. To empower students with the ability to think rationally.
  5. To create socially responsible global citizens.
  6. To instill in students values such as upholding the constitution, teamwork and excellence.

Holistic Education-empower studentsOur vision at Vidya Bharati School is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and life skills that will support them, as lifelong learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world and practice the core values of the school.

We seek to build global citizens, the ones who are not only the academic achievers but also skilled in managing life, imparted with modern technology and experiential learning. We also seek to ensure that whilst the horizons are richly stretched as above, the young personalities remain rooted in a strong value system embedded into their construct.

It is our vision to inspire excellence, cultivate character, and empower engagement locally and globally. We believe in ingraining an integrity of character with a compassion for the community and the environment.

We believe in developing creative and innovative individuals dedicated to solving problems and contributing to the public good.

Key strategies and initiatives for Innovative learning


Holistic Education-Cooperative-Learning1. Cooperative Learning

In VBS we are solving mathematical puzzles, conducting scientific experiments and acting out short drama sketches are just a few examples of how we are practicing cooperative learning into classroom lessons.


Holistic Education-Technology-Classrooms2. Technology Classrooms

Use of audio-visual aids in teaching leaves the children retaining their knowledge and learning becomes more effective as seeing is believing. Each classroom of our school is equipped with smart board to help students learn every notion in the best possible way. Well- planned modules, worksheets and exercises prearranged in the smart board provide an effective learning atmosphere for the students.

Holistic Education-Inquiry-Based-Learning3. Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry-based learning is one of the most powerful teaching strategies in our classrooms because students learn best when they construct their own meaning. Inquiry-based learning triggers student curiosity. Teachers act as facilitators during the inquiry-based learning process.


Holistic Education-Project-Based-Learning4. Project Based Learning

As we use Project-based learning which help us to practice and experience real-world scenarios, challenges, and problems to engage students in critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and self-management. Students are collaborating with problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to make their own decisions about how to do their work and demonstrate their understanding. Once students solve the problem or challenge, they present their solutions. The problems students solve can be presented to community leaders to solve problems in their own community. This we are practicing by the concept introduced by Ram Krishan Mission. The name of the program is Awaken Citizen Program.

Holistic Development

VBS is one of the very few schools that have implemented a co-scholastic policy. There is an annual evaluation on a scale of 5. VBS lays special emphasis on sports activities to allow students to imbibe the sportsmanship spirit. We have a sports club and well equipped for the learners to grow in basketball, athletics, yoga, volleyball, table tennis, cricket, football, skating, and aerobics.

They have other clubs and societies in chess, mock parliament, music, art, theatrics, literature, photography, crafts and pottery, math, science, and dance. The clubs are always engaged and strive in getting better and bigger each year.


Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad

We take immense pleasure to announce that our school has been declared as one of The Top 10 Schools in Ghaziabad zone by the recently concluded Times School Survey, 2019.

This is a great moment of pride for all of us. The consistent and diligent efforts by our teachers, students, and management staff bore fruit and resulted into this glorious outcome.



The admission process for the session 2020-21 is now underway at Vidya Bharati School. We are taking in admissions for students ranging from Pre-Nursery to Grade XI.

If you’d like to inquire about our admission procedure, and want to know how your kid can become a future global leader, get in touch with us.

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