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Co-Scholastic Classes

Co-scholastic Report FebruaryDownload ISA_Activity_Grade_VIIIDownload

Revised Datesheet for grade 6 to 8

VEP Winters 2020-2021 Pre Nursery to Grade -5

VEP Winters Pre Nursery 2020-2021VEP Winters Nursery 2020-2021VEP Winters KG 2020-2021VEP Winters Grade-I 2020-21Grade II Winter VEP 2020-21Grade II Winter VEP Hindi 20-21Grade III Winter VEP 2020-21Grade III Winter VEP Hindi 20-21Grade IV Winter VEP 2020-21GRADE IV Hindi VEP winter 20-21Grade V Winter VEP 2020-21Grade 

Assessment Result Date Sheet

Grade II Assessment IV Date-Sheet and syllabus 2020-21Download Grade III Assessment IV Date-Sheet and syllabusDownload Assessment-dates-for IV assessment-2021 Nursery To Grade-1Download

Subjective Paper of Grade IV to VIII

Online Objective Paper Datesheet for Grade IV to VIII

Fit India Week Celebration 2020

Fit India Week Celebration 2020

Teachers Day Celebration 2020

A virtual Teacher’s Day Celebration in Vidya Bharati School, Ghaziabad during covid 19 Pandemic 2020. Link to Facebook Live Teachers Day Celebration https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=334151137931068&extid=cTMNT93sG9Z9GQKV

Transfer Certificates

View all certificates here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fYx68gUgdUwfZD47-2_JBv7QxxmS0Hz2?usp=sharing

Guidelines and Date sheet for Periodic Test 1 – July

Date Sheet (IV to VIII)CLASS TEST SCHEDULE (IV TO VIII)Class Test Periodic Test 1 Date Sheet IX-XClass Test & Date Sheet Schedule XI & XII