Beyond Curriculum

LSEP (Life Skills Enhancement Programme) – Prepares a child to face challenges of life.
AEP (Adolescent Education Programme) – Promotes and develops healthy attitude and skills to enable the student to respond to real life situations in positive and responsible ways.
Trips & Tours – Contribute in developing a greater taste, higher levels of tolerance for art and culture and increased historical empathy.
Educational & Recreational Visits – To educate in a fun bonding experience where everyone is involved.
Sensitization Programmes – Make student empathetic and responsive to ideas, events, situations, phenomenon with social receptivity.
Seminars – Provide latest updates in various fields as a part of curriculum integration programme.
Workshops – Upgrade focused thinking by revisiting, revising and refining.
360° Feedback System – Develops positive communication between parents and all the stake holders to improve academic performance of the child.
Aptitude Tests
Career Counselling
Vocational Skill enhancement guidance to overcome the achievement gap.
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