Form for Pre-Nursery to Grade 9

    Student's First Name*

    Student's Middle Name*

    Student's Last Name*

    Student's Gender*

    Student's Date of Birth*

    Class to which admission is sought?*


    Last attended grade*

    Last attended school*

    Home address

    Student's Aadhar Card Number

    Email id of student/parent*

    Father's Name*

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    Documents Required at the time of Admission

    Grade Pre-Nursery to I
    1. Copy of Birth Certificate (attested)
    2. Copy of ID Proofs of Father & mother (attested)
    3.Copy of Address Proof (attested).

    Grade II to IX
    1. In case you are unable to submit the Transfer Certificate at the time of admission then produce Bonafide
    Certificate from your school on school letterhead; mentioning Name of the Student, Father's & Mother's
    Name, Class, Session, and Date of Birth as per the school record.
    2.Copy of previous Class Marksheet, Copy of ID proofs of Father & Mother (attested), Copy of Address
    Proof (attested).
    3. Original Transfer Certificate (after the approval of the admission)


    • We hereby declare that we shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the school and instructions as and when given by the Principal /School authorities.
    • We understand the school makes all the efforts for the safety of the students, using the school transport, but the school will not be responsible for any road accident in which buses may, unfortunately be involved.
    • We also understand that rendering false or misleading information or withholding correct information may disqualify the student for admission /education at this school.
    • We agree that the submission of form online is not the confirmation of admission and considered as provisional subject to the approval of admission after viewing and authentication of all the documents properly.

      Form for Grade 11

      Student's First Name*

      Student's Date of Birth*

      Father's Name*

      Father's Mobile Number*

      Student's Aadhar Number

      Mother's Mobile Number*

      Last School Attended in Grade X*


      Student's Board Roll No.*


      Year of Passing*

      Aggregate Percentage Obtained in Board* (Grade X)


      Eligibility criteria for admission /Confirmation of provisional admission in Grade XI for session 2020-21

      Science Stream

      Students scoring Minimum 70% (Overall) and 70% Marks in ESM (English + Science + Maths) in Theory Exam only in class X.

      Commerce Stream

      Students scoring Minimum 60% (Overall) and 60% Marks in ESM (English + Social Sc. + Maths) in Theory Exam only in class X.

      Humanities Stream

      Students scoring Minimum 45% (Overall) and 45 % Marks in ES (English + Social Sc.) in Theory Exam only in class X (5% relaxation in the subject may be given in case of School student).

      Stream (for which Admission is required)

      Subjects offered: (Swipe left on the table to see Humanities subjects if viewing on a mobile)

      Subject No. Commerce Science Humanities
      1 English English English
      2 Accounts Physics Political Science
      3 Business Studies Chemistry History
      4 Economics Biology / Computer Science/Painting Economics/Painting
      5 Applied Maths/Maths/Info. Prac./ Painting Applied Maths(for PCB ) /Maths/Physical Education Hindi/Info. Prac.
      6 Physical Education as 6th compulsory subject Physical Education as 6th compulsory subject for Maths students only Physical Education as 6th compulsory subject




      Dear Parents and Students

      After completing class 10th Examinations you must be eagerly waiting to get admission in grade XI. This circular will tell you about one important point that you have to understand while choosing the subject and stream in class 11th which will lead to your future career prospects.

      In grade X, you had two options in subject Maths: Basic and Standard. According to earlier CBSE advisory, those who opted for Basic Maths cannot choose Math in grade XI. But now, CBSE has released the revised advisory where in it is intimated that students with Basic Maths in grade X can now opt “Applied Mathematics” in grade XI if they wish to pursue Maths.

      According to intimation by CBSE:
      “It may be noted that the students who are opting Mathematics -Basic will have the option for taking Applied Mathematics (subject code 241)as an Elective subject at grade XI though do, they may not be permitted to take Mathematics (subject code 041) at Senior Secondary Level. However, a student who has opted for Mathematics Standard can offer any one of the two available Mathematics at Senior Secondary Level.”

      CBSE Circular

      All parents and students are requested to go through with the circular carefully before choosing the subject choices for grade XI.

      For any clarification query, you may contact your class X Maths teacher or CBSE in charge Ms. Seema Khanna via mail

      Best Wishes!

      Dr. Manjusha Joshi, Principal

      Select Your Prefered Stream*

      Write down Your Prefered Subjects Below

      Commerce Subject 1*

      Commerce Subject 2*

      Commerce Subject 3*

      Commerce Subject 4*

      Commerce Subject 5*

      Commerce Subject 6*

      Write down Your Prefered Subjects Below

      Science Subject 1*

      Science Subject 2*

      Science Subject 3*

      Science Subject 4*

      Science Subject 5*

      Science Subject 6*

      Write down Your Prefered Subjects Below

      Humanities Subject 1*

      Humanities Subject 2*

      Humanities Subject 3*

      Humanities Subject 4*

      Humanities Subject 5*

      Humanities Subject 6*

      Terms & Conditions

      • Admission granted provisionally only and the subject to change after the original /complete result if any.
      • If my ward does not fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the school for a particular stream even after the original or complete results then the school is not bound to give/ consider admission to any other stream later and has the right to cancel or reject the admission
      • Once the admission is finalized change of stream or subject will not be considered.

      For any clarification or query you may contact Ms. Sonika Jain (Admission Counselor) via mail at / call at +917838078095.

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