A Word From The Principal

Best School in Ghaziabad - Principal

The function of education is to teach one think intensively and think critically. Intelligence plus character that is the goal of education"

We have evolved ourselves from merely being an education provider to an institute with latest global learning methodologies as the basic aim of education at Vidya Bharati School is physical, moral and intellectual development of our students. We at VBS very well understand that not all children are endowed with equal talent but we strive to provide an equal opportunity to all our students to develop, nurture and hone their talents. The learning model of the school optimally exploits the latest technological enablers and promotes experimental learning for the holistic development of its students. The VBS curriculum reflects our commitment to inclusive education with emphasis on training of mind to think as education is not merely learning of facts. Thus we equip our young brigade with ability to think logically, decisively and ingeniously.As VBS is committed to excellence in education for more than 33 years so we have left no stone unturned and offer facilities and resources to our students to let them be at par with their contemporaries. The students here are provided with an experience of hands on learning in the Science and Technology Park (one of its kind learning tool in the vicinity) and English Language Lab.VBS is a guiding light for those in quest for the very best in schooling as we are dedicated to prepare our learners with exceptional ability of self – exploration and development that enables them to uphold the unpredicted challenges of life and become successful individuals.
Dr. Manjusha Joshi