Vidya Bharati School
Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Senior Secondary, C- Block, Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad (UP)

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VIDYA BHARATI SCHOOL is proud recipient of top 10th challenger position among Ghaziabad schools – survey conducted by TIMES OF INDIA, 2018.

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School Rules

Attendance and Punctuality

Behavior and Discipline



Behavior and Discipline

For Students
  1. Students should observe polite manners and conduct.
  2. They should avoid indecency in talk and behaviour.
  3. They should be respectful and courteous to staff and peers.
  4. English will be the medium of communication and the same must be followed in the school.
  5. They should desist from undesirable behavior like whistling, shouting or running in corridors while in school, insubordination, rowdyism, use of violence in any form, truancy, lying, cheating, stealing, casteism, communalism, practice of untouchability or insulting others.
  6. Bursting of crackers, throwing of colours on one other is strictly prohibited.
  7. They should never cheat or be unfair at play or in paper and pen test, repetition of same may result in expulsion.
  8. Students should arrive 5 minutes before the start of school and on the bell for assembly should go to the ground in a proper line.
  9. Students are expected to join school on the notified date at the beginning of term and attendance on all National festivals and school functions is compulsory.
  10. Students to come to school in properly attired neat and clean uniform. On Tuesday, house dress is to be worn.  Identity card is compulsory for all. 
  11. Students to come in school uniform, if they come to school on holidays, PTM. days or for extra classes etc. 
  12. Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in an orderly manner and no student should leave the class without an out pass.
  13. Students should take care of their belongings like books, money, clothes, etc. and anything left by the students in the school should be deposited in the school office as lost property.
  14. School property like furniture, walls, etc. should not be damaged or defaced.
  15. Be environment friendly. Throw waster papers, fruit peels, wrappers, etc. in waste bins. Refrain from littering and keep school premises and classrooms clean.
  16. Books other than text or library books should not be brought to school.
  17. Lending and borrowing of money or other article like cards etc. is not permitted.
  18. No jewellery except a pair of ear studs is allowed.
  19. Use of nail paint, kajal or eyeliner, mehandi is strictly prohibited during school session.
  20. Girls should tie their hair neatly and in plaits. 
  21. Non-Sikh boys to get their haircut at regular intervals.
  22. Students are not allowed to wear expensive watches, bracelets, etc. or bring i-pods, calculators, cameras, mobiles, etc. to school.  The item will be confiscated and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student.
  23. The school reserves the right to expel any student whose progress is considered unsatisfactory or conduct is detrimental to the image of the school.
  24. At least 75% of attendance in each term is compulsory.  In case of genuine reason, relaxation can be considered.
  25. School gates will close at 7:50 a.m.
  26. Students should affix his / her photograph and fill the required information duly signed by the parents in the almanac. (Page 2 & 3 )
  27. Non-compliance of any of the given instructions can result in expulsion of the defaulting student from the school.


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