Vidya Bharati School
Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Senior Secondary, C- Block, Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad (UP)

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VIDYA BHARATI SCHOOL is proud recipient of top 10th challenger position among Ghaziabad schools – survey conducted by TIMES OF INDIA, 2018.

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Core beliefs of VBS

Core beliefs of VBS

Generation Next of VBS - is the cohort of young apprentices who are unique and distinct. Our students are globally aware, erudite, energetic and technologically sophisticated. They are optimist, take onus for collective action, exert to improve everyday life by volunteering .They acknowledge changes and adapt accordingly. They have immense aptitude to multitask, are versatile and quite savvy in verbal communication skills. For the students of VBS, education is radiance for enlightenment and holistic development of themselves.

Experience & Innovation for VBS - Experience is the mastery of a subject gained through involvement in and exposure to it whereas innovation is a change that creates a new dimension of performance. We at VBS imbibe in our students the notion that creativity is thinking of something new and innovation is the implementation of something new which is done through self exploration of skill to attain dexterity and proficiency . This perception helps our students to be original and novel in contemplation of ideas & thoughts.

Global Leaders of  VBS - We believe that global leaders are not just born, but can be made. These young leaders are developed to perceive the world differently, think about problems and opportunities and act with integrity in pursuit of solutions. In our quest to make our students global leaders we instill in them unique and identifiable traits. They are infused with visionary initiative with a natural curiosity about diversified learning, They are adept at working at inter/intra /national/international and multicultural levels. They are self motivated, retain the best talent in themselves, are culturally intelligent, integrate themselves smoothly in their surroundings. All the acquired skills will help our students to be far ahead of their contemporaries and lead by example.

Universal Acceptance of VBS - The distinctive traits acquired by our students are acknowledged by everyone without any disagreement. Dexterity, proficiency, visionary initiatives, optimism, technological sophistication make them universally acceptable with distinctions. Our students thus become symbols of  matchless  attributes  attained through collective and mutual endorsements in all the situations


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